This tutorial will show how to use the Windows AFG, what each field in the form does and how to setup an unattended installation.


  1. Product Key specify the Product Key setting during the specialize configuration pass, then Windows Welcome will not prompt for a product key. If you are using a Volume License Multiple Activation Key (MAK), it must be specified using this setting. If you preinstall members of the Windows operating system under a volume license agreement, consult your specific license agreement to determine the number of installations permitted per product key.

  2. Accept Eula specifies whether to automatically accept the Microsoft Software License Terms.

  3. Skip Product Key specifies whether to skip input of the product key.

  4. Skip Auto Activation specifies whether Windows attempts to automatically activate. For automatic activation to complete, a valid Windows product key is required.

  5. Skip License Rearm specifies whether to reset the Windows licensing state when you generalize a computer. You can generalize an installation by using the Sysprep command with the /generalize option.

  6. Computer Name specifies the computer name used to access the computer from the network.

  7. Organization Name specifies the name of the organization that owns the computer.




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