Out Of Box Experience

This section will show how to use the Out Of Box Experience for an unattended install.


  1. Network Location specifies the location of the network if the computer is connected to a network when a user first logs on.

  2. Protect Your Computer specifies whether to display the "Help protect your computer and improve Windows automatically page of Windows Welcome" to the user.

  3. Hide EULA Page specifies whether to hide the "Microsoft Software License Terms page of Windows Welcome".

  4. Disable Auto Daylight Timeset specifies whether to enable the destination computer to automatically change between daylight saving time and standard time.

  5. Hide wireless setup in OOBE specifies whether to hide the "Join Wireless Network" screen that appears during Windows Welcome. During Windows Welcome, the Join Wireless Network screen prompts the end user to connect to a wireless network when all of the following conditions are met:


    • Hide Wireless Setup In OOBE is not set to Yes.
    • The computer has a wireless network device.
    • The drivers for the wireless network device are available and installed.
    • A wireless network is available and detected.
    • A connection to a wireless network has not already been established in a previous Windows installation on the same computer.


  6. Skip Machine OOBE should be used only in a test environment, and you should never ship a computer with the Skip Machine OOBE setting configured to Yes. If you use this setting, Windows Welcome will be skipped, and any settings that a user selects during Windows Welcome will not be configured. For example, user-account creation, language, and time-zone settings will not be configured. Some Windows features may not function, as they depend on Windows Welcome values such as ProtectYourPC, which does not include a default value.

  7. Skip User OOBE specifies whether to skip the Welcome Center pop-up window.




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