Windows 10 Power Plan Configuration

Below are basic settings that can be configured in the Control pannel > Power Options > Change plan settings > Change advanced power options. This script will automate the process of configuring your power plan. What you type will automatically be updated in the "Output" area.


Note: If you are using a desktop and received 6 sequential error messages that say "The power scheme, subgroup, or setting does not exist" you can safely ignore these as they relate to battery levels and actions.


Installation Notes



General Settings


Select power plan:
Disable Hibernate
On AC On Battery
Require a password on wakeup:
Turn off hard disk after:
JavaScript Timer Frequency:
Desktop background settings; Slide show:
Wireless Adapter Settings; Power Saving Mode:
Sleep after:
Allow hybrid sleep:
Hibernate after:
Allow wake timers:
USB selective suspend setting:
Lid close action:
Power button action:
Sleep button action:
Start menu power button:
PCI Express; Link State Power Management:
Minimum processor state: (%)
Maximum processor state: (%)
System cooling policy:
Enable Adaptive Brightness:
Dim display after:
Turn off display after:
Display brightness: (%)
Dimmed display brightness: (%)
When sharing media:
When playing video:
Critical battery action:
Critical battery level: (%)
Low battery level: (%)
Low battery action:
Low battery notification:
Reserve battery level:




You may choose to create the batch file automatically by clicking "Download File" link below, or doing it the manual way.


Ensure you select all the text below and copy to a word processor. Paste all the code and select "Save As...". Name the file "power.bat" without the quotations.


Then run the batch file to change the power plan settings.



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