Windows Answer File Generator for SBS 2008

Windows Small Business Server 2008 supports installation using an answer file. The answer file provides the following functionality:



In addition, the answer file is the only way to run the Windows SBS 2008 installation in join domain/migration mode, there is no other way to trigger the SBS 2008 setup to act in that mode. Additionally, if you do not want to use the default of .local as your TLD, you must use an answer file to specify an alternative TLD.


To create the answer file for an automated install:


  1. On a client computer or server with .NET Framework 2.0 installed, insert the first Windows SBS2008 DVD and select the Tools link. If autorun is disabled, browse to the Tools folder on the SBS 2008 DVD 1. Alternative download link at the bottom.
  2. Launch the answer file generator tool by running SBSAfg.exe.
  3. Select New installation or Migration from existing server (Join existing domain) depending on your scenario.
  4. Type in the required information. See below for a summary of each field.
  5. Save the Answer file as sbsanswerfile.xml
    Note: you cannot user any filename other than sbsanswerfile.xml. This is the only filename that the SBS 2008 setup will look for.
  6. Copy the answer file to the root of a USB drive, floppy disk or a partition on the destination server. Then start either installing or migrating to Windows 2008. If the SBS 2008 installation wizard detects a migration answer file, the migration process starts automatically.


Shared Information



Migration Specific Information



New Install Specific Information



The SBSAfg.exe tool can be downloaded here. This has been taken from SBS 2008 media. Please verify the integrity of the file using the hash information below.


File Name: SBSAfg.exe
File Size: 261 KB
CRC Checksum: 78854677
MD5: 146F38AC645633D3985CD5BE350184FB
SHA1: 73725BD2E12D8AAF614CBB755F4EB5356354916D


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