Windows 8.1 Service Configuration

Here, on this page, you can configure each service that is found on a fresh installation of Windows 8.1. This can be useful for disabling services that are not needed, therefore, making a marginal performance increase, enabling certain services that you require, and automate the process of configuring multiple services at once.


If you want to cut down the overhead of what is running in the background and speed Windows 8.1 up some, then only disable the services you do not use. If you disable a service that you need or use, then it could actually lower your computer's performance. The Services apply to all users on the computer.




It is highly recommended that you create a restore point before making changes to the services. This way if you make a mistake that cripples your computer, you can do a System Restore using the restore point to undo the changes.


Adjusting service settings requires you to have a deep understanding of what the service is for, what it affects, and what your needs are. If you don't fully understand all of this, then playing with services can really mess up your Windows installation, and possibly your day.


If you disabled the wrong service and lost access to the computer, then try booting into Safe Mode from Advanced Boot Options to change the service back.


Customizing Services


The table below will show you the Display Name (as seen in services.msc), Service Name (as seen by the system and command prompt), the Default setting used in Windows 8.1 and the customization for each service.


Option Description
Auto Specifies a service that automatically starts each time the computer is restarted and runs even if no one logs on to the computer.
Delayed-auto Specifies a service that starts automatically a short time after other auto services are started.
Demand Specifies a service that must be started manually.
Disabled Specifies a service that cannot be started.


Installation Notes




Display Name Service Name Startup Type Customized
ActiveX Installer AxInstSV Manual
App Readiness AppReadiness Manual
Application Experience AeLookupSvc Manual
Application Identity AppIDSvc Manual
Application Information Appinfo Manual
Application Layer Gateway Service ALG Manual
Application Management AppMgmt Manual
AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC) AppXSvc Manual
Background Intelligent Transfer Service BITS Automatic Delayed
Background Tasks Infrastructure Service BrokerInfrastructure Automatic
Base Filtering Engine BFE Automatic
BitLocker Drive Encryption Service BDESVC Manual
Block Level Backup Engine Service wbengine Manual
Bluetooth Support Service bthserv Manual
BranchCache PeerDistSvc Manual
Certificate Propagation CertPropSvc Manual
CNG Key Isolation KeyIso Manual
COM+ Event System EventSystem Automatic
COM+ System Application COMSysApp Manual
Computer Browser Browser Manual
Credential Manager VaultSvc Manual
Cryptographic Services CryptSvc Automatic
DCOM Server Process Launcher DcomLaunch Automatic
Device Association Service DeviceAssociationService Manual
Device Install Service DeviceInstall Manual
Device Setup Manager DsmSvc Manual
DHCP Client Dhcp Automatic
Diagnostic Policy Service DPS Automatic
Diagnostic Service Host WdiServiceHost Manual
Diagnostic System Host WdiSystemHost Manual
Distributed Link Tracking Client TrkWks Automatic
Distributed Transaction Coordinator MSDTC Manual
DNS Client Dnscache Automatic
Encrypting File System (EFS) EFS Manual
Extensible Authentication Protocol EapHost Manual
Family Safety WPCSvc Manual
Fax Fax Manual
File History Service fhsvc Manual
Function Discovery Provider Host fdPHost Manual
Function Discovery Resource Publication FDResPub Manual
Group Policy Client gpsvc Automatic
Health Key and Certificate Management hkmsvc Manual
HomeGroup Listener HomeGroupListener Manual
HomeGroup Provider HomeGroupProvider Manual
Human Interface Device Service hidserv Manual
Hyper-V Data Exchange Service vmickvpexchange Manual
Hyper-V Guest Service Interface vmicguestinterface Manual
Hyper-V Guest Shutdown Service vmicshutdown Manual
Hyper-V Heartbeat Service vmicheartbeat Manual
Hyper-V Remote Desktop Virtualization Service vmicrdv Manual
Hyper-V Time Synchronization Service vmictimesync Manual
Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy Requestor vmicvss Manual
IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules IKEEXT Manual
Interactive Services Detection UI0Detect Manual
Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) SharedAccess Disabled
Internet Explorer ETW Collector Service IEEtwCollectorService Manual
IP Helper iphlpsvc Automatic
IPsec Policy Agent PolicyAgent Manual
KtmRm for Distributed Transaction Coordinator KtmRm Manual
Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper lltdsvc Manual
Local Session Manager LSM Automatic
Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant wlidsvc Manual
Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service MSiSCSI Manual
Microsoft Keyboard Filter MsKeyboardFilter Disabled
Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider swprv Manual
Microsoft Storage Spaces SMP smphost Manual
Multimedia Class Scheduler MMCSS Automatic
Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service NetTcpPortSharing Disabled
Netlogon Netlogon Manual
Network Access Protection Agent napagent Manual
Network Connected Devices Auto-Setup NcdAutoSetup Manual
Network Connection Broker NcbService Manual
Network Connections Netman Manual
Network Connectivity Assistant NcaSvc Manual
Network List Service netprofm Manual
Network Location Awareness NlaSvc Automatic
Network Store Interface Service nsi Automatic
Offline Files CscService Manual
Optimize drives defragsvc Manual
Peer Name Resolution Protocol PNRPsvc Manual
Peer Networking Grouping p2psvc Manual
Peer Networking Identity Manager p2pimsvc Manual
Performance Logs & Alerts pla Manual
Plug and Play PlugPlay Manual
PNRP Machine Name Publication Service PNRPAutoReg Manual
Portable Device Enumerator Service WPDBusEnum Manual
Power Power Automatic
Print Spooler Spooler Automatic
Printer Extensions and Notifications PrintNotify Manual
Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support wercplsupport Manual
Program Compatibility Assistant Service PcaSvc Manual
Quality Windows Audio Video Experience QWAVE Manual
Remote Access Auto Connection Manager RasAuto Manual
Remote Access Connection Manager RasMan Manual
Remote Desktop Configuration SessionEnv Manual
Remote Desktop Services TermService Manual
Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector UmRdpService Manual
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) RpcSs Automatic
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator RpcLocator Manual
Remote Registry RemoteRegistry Disabled
Routing and Remote Access RemoteAccess Disabled
RPC Endpoint Mapper RpcEptMapper Automatic
Secondary Logon seclogon Manual
Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service SstpSvc Manual
Security Accounts Manager SamSs Automatic
Security Center wscsvc Automatic Delayed
Sensor Monitoring Service SensrSvc Manual
Server LanmanServer Automatic
Shell Hardware Detection ShellHWDetection Automatic
Smart Card SCardSvr Disabled
Smart Card Device Enumeration Service ScDeviceEnum Manual
Smart Card Removal Policy SCPolicySvc Manual
Software Protection sppsvc Automatic Delayed
Spot Verifier svsvc Manual
SSDP Discovery SSDPSRV Manual
Still Image Acquisition Events WiaRpc Manual
Storage Service StorSvc Manual
Superfetch SysMain Automatic
System Event Notification Service SENS Automatic
System Events Broker SystemEventsBroker Automatic
Task Scheduler Schedule Automatic
TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper lmhosts Automatic
Telephony TapiSrv Manual
Themes Themes Automatic
Thread Ordering Server THREADORDER Manual
Time Broker TimeBroker Manual
Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service TabletInputService Automatic
UPnP Device Host upnphost Manual
User Profile Service ProfSvc Automatic
Virtual Disk vds Manual
Volume Shadow Copy VSS Manual
WebClient WebClient Manual
Windows Audio AudioSrv Automatic
Windows Audio Endpoint Builder AudioEndpointBuilder Automatic
Windows Biometric Service WbioSrvc Manual
Windows Color System WcsPlugInService Manual
Windows Connect Now - Config Registrar wcncsvc Manual
Windows Connection Manager Wcmsvc Automatic
Windows Defender Network Inspection Service WdNisSvc Manual
Windows Defender Service WinDefend Automatic
Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework wudfsvc Manual
Windows Encryption Provider Host Service WEPHOSTSVC Manual
Windows Error Reporting Service WerSvc Manual
Windows Event Collector Wecsvc Manual
Windows Event Log EventLog Automatic
Windows Firewall MpsSvc Automatic
Windows Font Cache Service FontCache Automatic
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) StiSvc Manual
Windows Installer msiserver Manual
Windows Location Framework Service lfsvc Manual
Windows Management Instrumentation Winmgmt Automatic
Windows Modules Installer TrustedInstaller Manual
Windows Remote Management (WS-Management) WinRM Manual
Windows Store Service (WSService) WSService Manual
Windows Time W32Time Manual
Windows Update wuauserv Manual
WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service WinHttpAutoProxySvc Manual
Wired AutoConfig dot3svc Manual
WLAN AutoConfig Wlansvc Manual
WMI Performance Adapter wmiApSrv Manual
Workstation LanmanWorkstation Automatic
WWAN AutoConfig WwanSvc Manual


NOTE: If you have UAC enabled, you may receive a "Access Denied" error message when you run the script. You must either disable UAC or run the script as administrator.




You may choose to create a batch file automatically by clicking "Download File" link below, or doing it the manual way.


Ensure you select all the text below and copy to a word processor. Paste all the code and select "Save As...". Name the text file with the .bat extension. For example: services.bat



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